Hello, my name is Valentin Vago.

Internet technologies are shaping my career since the end of the 90's.
It is during my media design studies that my interest for interaction and visual creation has developed.
Berlin seemed like a natural choice to immerge in a creative and technology friendly environment after I graduated from EIKON.
After more than 7 years of freelancing experience, Camunda convinced me to join their team of great developers. My work in this company has been varying, from setting up complex build system to the elaboration of a consistant design for the webapps, widget library and websites of the company.
But after 3 years, the surge to work on a personal project was too big and decided to concentrate on that for a while.
In 2017, an offer for a position of lecturer at Devugees picked my curiosity and I gave it a try. But I actually prefer to learn and create.


Montreux, Switzerland
  • French (native language)
  • English, spoken, written
  • German, spoken, written
  • Digital sustainability
  • Minimal yet crafted designs
  • Well designed APIs
  • Experiment and prototyping
  • Data
  • Creative coding and VJing
  • Equity


1997 - 2000
Technical drawer in architecture
Started working with 3ds Max, ArchiCAD, Photoshop
2000 - 2005
  • Studying multimedia conception at EMAF
    École de multimedia et d'art de Fribourg (now eikon), Switzerland. Studied topics like communication theories, art history, graphic & web design, color theories or typography.
  • Wrote my first VJing software
    To mix, live, videos and vector shapes
Internship at Mediagonal (now Liip), Fribourg, Switzerland
Worked on Dockbook XML implementation in Bitflux WYSIWYG editor
Gained good skills working with JavaScript, XSL, CSS, PHP
Started working on Linux
2005 - 2006
  • Moved to Berlin
  • (re-)learn German
2006 - 2013
Freelance web developer
2013 - 2014
Frontend developer at myDriver.com
2014 - 2017
Core UI developer at Camunda services GmbH
  • Lecturer at devugees.org
  • Hire me :)


CSS Pre and post processors, JavaScript (love VanillaJS), HTML, Grunt.js, Webpack
Apache2, PHP, SQL, Drupal, NodeJS
Team Work
GIT, SVN, Scrum
Drupal, Wordpress
Operating Systems
Linux, OSX, Windows (in order of preference)

Some Works

SMS surveying tool for researches on alcohol and drugs use.
Based on Drupal and Clickatell 2 ways SMS API.
Information and donation platform based on Drupal.
Information and donation platform based on Drupal.
Nitro USA Snowboard
Complete online, multilingual and country specific catalogue, using Drupal, for each brands of the company.
Including Raiden Bindings and L1 Outerwear for seasons 2010-2011 and 2011-2012.
At Camunda

Pet Projects

Visual Fiha
Open-source, zero install, MIDI and Live Coding capable, browser based VJing software.